Why ringless voicemails can get your prospects to stay in engaged in sales process for longer?

On average, a person rarely gets more than 10 voicemails per day. They could, however, easily get a few hundred emails.

It seems like emails have become a victim of their own success. Because they’re so quick and easy to send, they are (for many) a preferred method of communication. But because it is so popular, your email is likely to be just one of hundreds sitting in a sea of inbox message.

By connecting to a potential client via voicemail, you already got to the top of their stack. And when you’re prospecting, that’s all you’re trying to do.

Remember, the first outreach isn’t about closing a deal; it’s about creating an impression that sticks.

What Are Ringless Voicemails?

Ringless voicemails are audio messages sent directly to voicemail inboxes—without the telephone ringing first. You pre-record the messages and use software to directly drop those voicemails into users’ voicemail boxes.

You may have also heard these called ringless voicemail drops, voice broadcasting, or direct-to-voicemail messages.

Ringless voicemails are a direct marketing strategy that can increase the volume of customers you reach while keeping the outreach cost low. Instead of manually dialing each customer, you send a pre-recorded message to thousands of contacts all at once.

Source: Neil Patel

Direct to Voicemail Transcription

Ringless Voicemails Benefits to Real Estate Apps

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1. Enhanced User Engagement

Users receive personalized and timely updates about new property listings, changes in market trends, and other relevant information directly in their voicemail.

This direct communication can make users feel more connected to the app, encouraging them to log in more frequently to check for updates.

The personalized touch of ringless voicemail can create a sense of urgency and importance, prompting users to take immediate action.

2. Better Lead Management

Automated voicemails can follow up with users who have shown interest in properties, keeping them engaged with personalized messages. These voicemails can provide additional details about properties, offer scheduling for viewings, or answer common questions. This continuous engagement helps keep leads warm and increases the likelihood of converting them into clients, thereby optimizing the sales funnel.

3. Seamless Communication

Important messages such as appointment confirmations, property updates, or market news can be delivered directly to voicemail, ensuring they are not missed. This method reduces the need for back-and-forth phone calls and allows agents to convey essential information efficiently. It also provides a recorded message that users can refer back to, enhancing clarity and reducing misunderstandings.

Ringless Voicemail Drops

4. Increase App Stickiness

Regular updates and personalized ringless voicemails provide numerous benefits in making the app ‘sticky’, meaning users are more likely to return and use it frequently.

When users receive consistent and valuable information through ringless voicemails, they develop a habit of relying on the app for real estate updates. This frequent interaction increases the app’s stickiness, leading to higher user retention rates and sustained engagement over time

5. Personalized User Experience

Voicemails can be tailored based on user preferences, behavior, and past interactions.

For example, if a user is interested in a specific type of property, the app can send personalized voicemails with updates about similar properties. This level of personalization makes users feel valued and understood, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with the app.

6. Boost Conversion Rates

Real estate apps can send persuasive voicemails highlighting the benefits of certain properties, addressing common objections, and creating a sense of urgency. For instance, notifying users about limited-time offers or upcoming open houses can prompt immediate action. This targeted approach helps in converting more leads into actual clients, driving sales and increasing revenue.

7. Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automated voicemails can be scheduled to send updates about new listings, market trends, promotional offers, and more. This automation ensures consistent communication without requiring manual effort from agents. It allows for the efficient management of large client bases, ensuring that all users receive timely and relevant information, thereby enhancing the app’s marketing effectiveness.

8. Event Promotion and Reminders

Real estate apps can leverage ringless voicemails benefits by sending reminders to users about these events, ensuring higher attendance rates. These reminders can include detailed information about the event, what to expect, and how to prepare, making it easier for users to participate. This proactive communication helps in maximizing event participation and engagement.

9. Cost Savings on Communication

Traditional communication methods like phone calls and email can be expensive and time-consuming. Ringless voicemails offers a cost-effective alternative, allowing the app to send messages to a large number of users simultaneously. This efficiency reduces operational costs while maintaining high levels of communication, making it an economical choice for real estate apps.

10. Efficient Follow-Ups

According to PEW research, 80% of Americans will not answer their phones to an unknown number. But, 67% of Americans say that they will check a voicemail if one is left. 

Ringless voicemails facilitate efficient follow-ups with users who have shown interest in specific properties or services. These follow-ups can provide additional information, address any concerns, and encourage users to take the next step, such as scheduling a viewing or making an offer. This systematic approach ensures that leads are nurtured effectively, increasing the chances of conversion.

11. Request User Feedback and Reviews

Personalized voicemails asking for users’ opinions about their experience with the app, properties, or services can help gather valuable insights. Positive reviews can be showcased to attract new users, while constructive feedback can be used to improve the app’s features and services. This continuous feedback loop helps in maintaining high standards of service and user satisfaction.

12. Increased Visibility for Listings

Real estate apps can send voicemails highlighting key features of new listings, creating interest and urgency among potential buyers. This immediate notification increases the visibility of properties and can lead to quicker sales. By keeping users informed about the latest opportunities, the app enhances its value proposition and effectiveness.

13. Strengthen Agent-Client Relationships

One of the most unexpected ringless voicemails benefits.

Agents can use personalized voicemails to provide updates, check-ins, and follow-ups, creating a more personal connection with clients. This ongoing communication helps build trust and rapport, making clients more likely to rely on the agent for their real estate needs. Stronger relationships lead to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.

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