At, we provide our clients with a powerful AI-driven ringless voicemail platform. We are committed to facilitating the ethical use of this technology. However, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring messages sent through our service comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and best practices rests with our clients. This Ethics Policy explains the standards we require clients to adhere to when utilizing our software.

Client Responsibilities

Clients must ensure their use of our platform complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and relevant state statutes. Clients are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary prior express written consent from intended recipients, or ensuring they have a pre-existing business relationship that permits sending voicemail communications under the TCPA.

Clients agree to provide clear opt-out mechanisms in all voicemail messages and to promptly honor opt-out requests. Clients must maintain adequate records of consent and cease communications to any recipients who have opted out.

Prohibited Content

Clients must not send any voicemail messages containing deceptive, false, or misleading claims. All messages must clearly identify the sender. Clients are prohibited from using tactics like caller ID spoofing to conceal their identity. The content of voicemails must not include any profane, threatening, or harassing language.

Personal Data

If clients utilize any personal data (such as phone numbers) in connection with our platform, they agree to handle such data in accordance with applicable privacy laws like the GDPR or CCPA. Clients must disclose their privacy practices and safeguard any personal data they process.

By using the platform, clients certify that they will abide by these guidelines. Clients acknowledge that they are fully responsible for the content of their messages and their compliance with relevant laws and regulations. may suspend or terminate access to our platform for any client found to be in violation of this policy. Compliance Measures

To support the lawful and ethical use of our ringless voicemail software, employs the following compliance measures:

Filtering Tools

We utilize sophisticated filtering mechanisms to identify and block accounts that may be engaged in prohibited practices, such as using purchased lead lists that lack proper consent records. Our system scans for various red flags and suspends accounts pending further review.

Content Monitoring reserves the right to monitor the content of voicemail messages and associated metadata for compliance with this policy. While we do not listen to every message, we periodically review client campaigns for any signs of inappropriate or illegal content.

Educational Resources

We strive to keep clients informed of the evolving legal landscape and industry best practices surrounding the use of ringless voicemail. Our website features a comprehensive knowledge base with guidance on consent requirements, disclosures, opt-out mechanisms, and more. Clients can also subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates.

Enforcement investigates all credible reports of potential violations of this policy or applicable laws. If we determine a client has misused our platform, we take appropriate actions such as issuing warnings, requiring remedial measures, or suspending/terminating the offending account. Where warranted, we will cooperate with relevant authorities.

Reporting Mechanisms

We provide a dedicated email address ([email protected]) for clients, message recipients, or any third party to easily report suspected violations of this policy. Reports can be submitted anonymously. We encourage anyone with knowledge of misuse of our platform to notify us promptly.

Additional Information

Please note that while takes proactive steps to foster ethical and compliant use, we cannot guarantee the actions of each individual client. Clients are ultimately responsible for ensuring their own adherence to applicable laws and regulations when using our software. expressly disclaims any liability arising from the content of client messages or client compliance failures.

We believe this Ethics Policy strikes a proper balance between empowering clients to leverage ringless voicemail technology and upholding essential standards. By using, clients agree to abide by the letter and spirit of these guidelines. We reserve the right to update this policy as needed to account for changing laws or industry practices.

For any questions regarding this policy or to report a suspected violation, please contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to promptly addressing any concerns and maintaining the integrity of the platform.

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