If your sales team does a ton of outbound calling and prospecting, outreach voicemail drop is a great way to help them reach more leads in less time.

Your calls to prospects are a critical touchpoint, even when they don’t pick up the phone. I know what you’re thinking: no one checks their voicemail anymore, right? 

Wrong. People respond to voicemails a lot more than you think (5% of the time – to be exact!).

That’s why we’re excited to expand our voicemail feature set to better set you up for success when reaching out to prospects. We’ve always given you the opportunity to leave personalized voicemails, and now we’re excited to bring you another option: Voicemail Drop!

outreach voicemail drop

For reps making 100 calls a day, outreach voicemail drop can win back 7 hours of selling time per month!

What is outreach voicemail drop?

For many companies still conducting business via phone calls, reaching out to prospects is a crucial aspect of a salesperson’s daily routine. Connecting with potential customers is essential for generating revenue. However, it’s common for the majority of these calls to end up in voicemail.

While leaving personalized voicemails for each prospect is ideal, the reality is that time is limited, and sales reps have numerous calls to make. Spending minutes or even hours leaving personalized messages can be inefficient.

What if there was a solution that allowed sales reps to instantly drop in a pre-recorded message with just a click of a button as soon as they encounter a prospect’s voicemail? This would save them valuable time, as they wouldn’t need to repeat the same message for every call. Additionally, it could increase their call volume and improve the chances of reaching someone available for a conversation.

Outreach voicemail drop increases chances of reaching prospects available for conversation

This is where outreach voicemail drop comes in. With this feature, sales reps can significantly increase the number of conversations they have, maximizing their efficiency and productivity.

Here’s how it works:

Key benefits of outreach voicemail drop:

Why should we use outreach voicemail drop?

With outreach voicemail drop, you have the power to choose the most effective approach for each call and measure your results to determine which strategies yield the best outcomes.

Sometimes, you may opt for a quick voicemail, allowing you to dedicate more time to personalizing the perfect follow-up email within those 60 seconds. Other times, a personalized voicemail may prove more impactful than a generic one.

For instance, our sales team analyzed our data and found that personalized voicemails didn’t significantly impact deals closed within certain demographics. By strategically balancing personalization and scaling up rather than automating or personalizing everything, our sales reps increased Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) by 20%.

We understand the value of your time and the need to use it wisely. Our aim is to assist you in achieving the ideal balance between personalization and scale during your prospecting efforts.

Outreach voicemail drop scales up your outreach

This balance can be particularly challenging to strike when working the phones. Voicemail serves as a critical touchpoint with your prospects, and we provide you with the tools to scale up and make informed, data-driven decisions to foster more meaningful connections.

How does voicemail drop work in VoiceDrop.ai?

VoiceDrop.ai’s voicemail drop feature is super simple to set up. All your sales reps have to do is record a message and send it to your prospect list.

Record or upload your message 

To start, record your message using your phone’s voice recorder or upload a prerecorded message. Ensure it’s clear, concise, and effectively conveys your intended message. Once recorded, simply select the recipients from your list of phone numbers.

Request permission from voicemail server

Your ringless voicemail provider will proceed by sending a request to the recipient’s voicemail server, seeking permission to access the voicemail box directly. This crucial step ensures compliance with telecommunications regulations and respects the recipient’s privacy by obtaining proper consent.

Delivery of voicemail

Once permission is granted by the voicemail server, your voicemail provider will proceed to deliver the message seamlessly. 

With VoiceDrop.ai, all your reps need to do is click a button to drop in their pre-recorded voicemail message. Yes, it’s that simple. What used to take minutes now just takes a second, giving your sales team back valuable selling time.

VoiceDrop.ai's outreach voicemail drop service saves time for your sales team

Unlike traditional calls, this delivery occurs without triggering the recipient’s phone to ring or generating a missed call notification. Instead, the message is discreetly deposited into their voicemail box, ensuring a non-intrusive and seamless communication experience.

Why VoiceDrop.ai?

If you ever think of using ringless voicemail as a new marketing tool to outreach, start with VocieDrop.ai.


AI Voice Clone™  technology 

With our innovative AI Voice Clone™ technology, we ensure that your messages resonate with professionalism and credibility. The natural-sounding voice generated by AI adds a touch of sophistication to your communications, leaving a positive impression on your prospects. This professionalism not only enhances your brand image but also contributes to building trust and rapport with recipients, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Moreover, partnering with VoiceDrop.ai means you no longer have to rely on one person to record your messages. Our AI Voice Clone™ technology eliminates the need for manual recording, ensuring consistency and reliability in your voicemail messages.

Integration with your CRM 

Just like with any other sales activity, voicemail drop should be logged accurately in your CRM. When looking at different voicemail drop providers, be sure to choose one that offers a seamless integration with your CRM, whether it’s Salesforce or even a homegrown CRM. This will give your sales reps a more streamlined workflow and help your managers track sales activity more accurately.

VoiceDrop.ai is your go-to partner for outreach voicemail drop services, offering seamless integration with most CRMs. Whether you rely on Salesforce, HubSpot, or a custom CRM solution, our platform can easily sync with your system, ensuring accurate tracking of voicemail drop activities. 

How do we achieve this? Through Zapier, a powerful automation tool that connects various apps and services, including CRMs. This means your sales reps can focus on engaging with potential customers, knowing that their voicemail drop activities are seamlessly logged within your CRM.

An intuitive interface

When it comes to integrating new features into your sales process, simplicity is key. If a feature is too complex or cumbersome to set up and use, your sales reps are unlikely to adopt it. After all, their time is valuable, and any tool they use must seamlessly fit into their workflow. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a communications platform or business phone system with a voicemail drop feature that is not only effective but also user-friendly.

VoiceDrop.ai stands out as the ideal solution for simplifying your voicemail drop process. With just a click, your sales reps can effortlessly drop in personalized messages to their prospects, whether they’re using their computers or cell phones. Our intuitive platform ensures that recording a voicemail drop is as easy as pie, eliminating any barriers to adoption. 

By choosing VoiceDrop.ai, you’re not just investing in a powerful voicemail drop solution—you’re investing in a tool that seamlessly integrates into your sales process, empowering your team to drive better results without added complexity.

Track the performance of your outreach voicemail drop campaigns

Understanding how your voicemail drops are performing is essential for optimizing your outreach efforts. With VoiceDrop.ai, you can easily monitor the delivery rates to ensure that your messages are reaching their intended recipients. Additionally, tracking listen rates enables you to gauge the level of engagement with your voicemails, providing valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your messaging.

Moreover, VoiceDrop.ai’s analytics allow you to measure the success of your voicemail campaigns by tracking callbacks generated from your messages. By identifying which messages are driving the most callbacks, you can refine your strategy to focus on the most effective approaches. With VoiceDrop.ai’s comprehensive analytics, you have the data-driven insights you need to fine-tune your voicemail campaigns and achieve better results.


If your sales team is constantly making outbound calls and prospecting, outreach voicemail drop can be a game-changer for reaching more leads in less time.

Experience the power of VoiceDrop.ai for yourself with our 5-day free trial. Gain access to all our features, including AI Voice Clone™ technology, seamless CRM integration, intuitive interface, and comprehensive analytics, to revolutionize your prospecting process.

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