OpenPhone revolutionizes business communication with a modern phone system that seamlessly integrates with existing workflows. It offers features like call forwarding, messaging, and voicemail, enhancing team collaboration. This platform also integrates with Voicedrop through Zapier, enabling efficient ringless voicemail campaigns. OpenPhoneBest is part of the top 10 best Business VoIP Phone Providers in 2024.

Additionally, OpenPhone stands out in the VoIP market for its user-friendly interface and affordability. The platform’s adaptability ensures it meets diverse business needs, from startups to established enterprises. Its integration with Voicedrop via Zapier automates voicemail delivery, saving time and boosting productivity.

Moreover, OpenPhone’s robust features include team management tools, number porting, and advanced analytics. These functionalities, combined with Voicedrop’s ringless voicemail, allow businesses to maintain high customer engagement levels. With its continued innovation, OpenPhone remains a leading choice in the business VoIP space.

How to integrate with OpenPhone using Zapier 

  1. Sign up for free to (Sign up now). 
  2. Subscribe to Zapier
  3. Link and OpenPhone
  4. Create a Zap 
  5. Create a OpenPhone trigger: add an example of a trigger in Zapier to send a Ringless Voicemail with
  6. Now launch targeted your ringless voicemail campaign

How you can use with OpenPhone

Customer Follow-Up Calls

Ensure timely follow-up with customers by automating calls after specific events.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending automated reminders for upcoming appointments.

Lead Nurturing

Engage leads with personalized voicemails to move them through the sales funnel.

Event Invitations

Invite contacts to events or webinars with a personalized voicemail.

Customer Feedback Requests

Gather valuable customer feedback by sending out requests post-service.

Billing and Payment Reminders

Ensure timely payments by sending out reminders for upcoming bills.

Internal Team Notifications

Keep team members informed about important updates or meetings.

Benefits of OpenPhone

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Your Voice. Their Voicemail. At Scale.

Personalize your outreach with mass communication with your unique voice, minus the calls.